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The Mariners have a well deserved reputation for being a very friendly club with a relaxed atmosphere, so if you're interested in sailing, do feel free to come and visit us for a chat. Organised events take place on most weekends from March to December, or take advantage of a free trial sail on one of our Open days. Sailing dinghies come in all shapes and sizes (over 100 different Classes at last count). No matter what your weight, shape, age or level of fitness, there will be a class of boat to suit your needs. For members that do not own a boat the Club has a number of boats that can be used.

 Commodore's Blog - July 2017

Hello Everyone

Brrrr!  Summer! – What happened?  It’s been so cold, wet and windy!  In my newspaper yesterday it said that 33% of households in the UK had turned on their central heating over the past couple of weeks. Two of our Wednesday evening races were so wet and windy that they were cancelled.  70+ children had a great time though at our Junior Helm Week, and did not let the weather slow them down at all, although I’m told that Hot Chocolate was the most popular drink of the week!  Thank you so much to all the members who gave up their time to run this week for our children.  We are so lucky to have a core of volunteers who without fail turn up to ensure that these major events in our calendar can take place.

Another major event that was weather affected was our annual Round Hayling Island Cruise.  At least, I hope it was the weather forecast that so severely reduced the number of Mariners taking part.  In the end three dinghies had the support of our two big ribs leading us anti-clockwise round the island and taking care of us.  We were hit by a F5 – F6 squall shortly after we had all made it under the road bridge and through the remains of the railway bridge, and there was some debate about whether we should continue down Langstone Harbour and along the coast, or go back to Itchenor the way we had come.  We decided to press on as the sky had cleared, the sun had come out and the weather looked reasonably settled.  Ho Hum!! Adrian and I capsized just outside Chichester Harbour entrance, when we were hit by a second squall, after a very lively run all along the coastline of Hayling Island.  We were extremely well taken care of by Bob and Izac Dodds, who not only righted our boat (and capsized it again) but then sailed it all the way back to Itchenor for us!  We followed on in their safety boat.  As soon as we were back inside the harbour the wind dropped, the big waves became little waves and it was a very pleasant end to an exciting day.  The other two dinghies made it back safely without an unscheduled swim en route.

Maybe, by the time you read this, the Jet Stream will have sorted itself out and our summer will have come back!  Let’s hope so.

We have our Regatta to look forward to on 3 September, and I so hope that the weather will be kind to us on that day.  We are planning lots of fun events for all the family, including a quiz and a best dressed boat competition, a race with the crew totalling 100 years of age in the boat (minimum 3 people!) and some rowing and paddling events.  We are going to have a special cake and a BBQ and are hoping that Sam Gyimah, our local MP, will come along to announce the winner of our Quest Dinghy naming competition.  One way or another it should be a great Mariner event, so do come along and make it a day to remember, just before all the children go back to school and our summer has every right to begin the transition into autumn.

Coming up in September, we have three cruises (see September At A Glance elsewhere in the newsletter) and the one in Chichester Harbour on 16 September, is particularly suitable for anyone less experienced of sailing in tidal waters, as it will be on a Neap Tide.  Don’t let the tale of my capsize put you off – as the old saying goes - If you don’t capsize occasionally, you’re not trying hard enough!

Crawley Mariners have a long history, more than 50 years, of sea sailing and racing, but since our former venue at Angmering/East Preston, as guests of The Open Dinghy Club was closed down for redevelopment, we have been unable to find an alternative sea racing venue.  However, on Sunday 17 September, we have our final opportunity this year to race off the South Coast.  Lancing SC has again kindly invited us to join them for the second of their Battle of the Beaches events.  This one also includes Bart’s Bash.  The Battle of the Beaches is where Lancing SC boats sail East towards Shoreham and Shoreham SC boats sail West towards Lancing.  Somewhere in the middle, the two clubs meet up and have a couple of races, before returning to their own clubs.  It is all good fun and an excellent way to experience sailing on the sea with the cover of safety boats.

I am concerned that since so few Mariners have taken advantage of Lancing SC’s generous offer to sail with them over the past two years, they may decide it is not worth asking us again.  So please, if you are available on 17 September and fancy a sail off the South Coast, do come along.  They are a really friendly bunch with a comfortable clubhouse, providing hot showers, sandwiches and drinks, and there is a lovely beach for the non sailors to enjoy.

As far as sailing on Hedgecourt is concerned, our racing programme continues, as does informal sailing in company on Thursdays, and individual sailing at any time.  Then, of course, we have Saturday Club on 30 September to look forward to.

Whatever you get up to in boats this month, have fun.  See you at our Regatta on 3 September.


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