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We like to think so

The Mariners have a well deserved reputation for being a very friendly club with a relaxed atmosphere, so if you're interested in sailing, do feel free to come and visit us for a chat. Organised events take place on most weekends from March to December, or take advantage of a free trial sail on one of our Open days. Sailing dinghies come in all shapes and sizes (over 100 different Classes at last count). No matter what your weight, shape, age or level of fitness, there will be a class of boat to suit your needs. For members that do not own a boat the Club has a number of boats that can be used without charge at the monthly Saturday Clu

Commodore's Blog - January 2017

Hello Everyone,

As I write this, I can see out of my window six squirrels chasing each other round and round and up and down our beech tree.  What’s that got to do with sailing?  Well, not much, I suppose, but the way they are carrying on when they catch each other, it is obvious that they think Spring is in the air, and that’s definitely a thought to gladden a sailor’s heart in the middle of a cold January.  Next year’s sailing programme is near to being finalized, and currently, the Warm Up series is scheduled for 11 March (it may change), and that’s only about six weeks away. I guess the squirrels are right then – Spring is just around the corner.

Did you come to our Pursuit Race and Social last Sunday (8 Jan) at Hedgecourt?  If not, you missed a really good day.  Unfortunately, there was not a breath of wind to disturb to surface of the lake, so Donal delayed the start of the Pursuit Race just in case the wind decided to come our way. It didn’t, so the Pursuit Race couldn’t happen.   Instead Donal ran an hilarious relay race between two jetties with two teams, led by Dan Gibson and George Colcomb, transferring their crews one at a time from one side of the lake to the other and then back again.  The vessels were Oppies, and paddling furiously was the method of propulsion.  It was great fun to watch, but exhausting for the competitors. There were some highly dodgy tactics employed, but of course I wont mention any names, Neil Thornhill and Allan Pemberton (oops), but no one quite fell in, and no oppies quite capsized.  They really are stable craft aren’t they?  Both teams were awarded boxes of chocolates for their efforts.  Thank you to all who took part for their sportsmanship and providing great entertainment for the rest of us.

In the clubhouse, there was a feast of lovely food and as much mulled wine as anyone wanted.  Thank you so much for all the contributions of delicious and varied food.  Not much was left, but what there was, was much appreciated by the Tuesday Club when we had our elevenses the following week.

The Silly/Funny Hat Competition was won by Allan Pemberton for the grown-ups (!) and by Luke Townsend for the Juniors.  Again thank you to everyone who took part.

After the race was over, Dan and George took a safety boat down the lake to recover an Oppie that had been thrown in the water by vandals on New Year’s Eve.  They came back with two Oppies and a Topper that they found in the lagoon near the spillway.  Many thanks to both of them.  Although we now have CCTV, when vandals come to the lake in the dark, the infra-red images are not clear enough to identify individuals when they are far away at the lakeside.  This Tuesday Adrian fitted an intruder light to one of the containers, and we hope that this will act both as a deterrent and to enable identification if there are any further problems.  Once again I would urge all members to ensure that their dinghies are properly secured and made as difficult for vandals to tamper with as possible.  Our dinghy park is right beside public footpaths, and it is impossible to keep people out, if they are determined to cause mischief – all we can do is make life as difficult as possible for them. 

So, no organised sailing for another 6 weeks, but if we get some suitable weather, i.e. not too cold and a gentle wind, there is nothing to stop you popping down to Hedgecourt at any time and enjoying a quiet sail in our beautiful surroundings.  It is really magical when one has the place to oneself, and of course, there are always hot drinks and hot showers available.  (Bring your own milk.)  If you don’t fancy a sail, you can always come just for a hot drink, and maybe even bring a picnic.

Our next event is the January Dry Meeting at The Haven Centre, Crawley Down at 20.00 on Wednesday 25.  This is an excellent opportunity to pay your subscription, if you’ve not already done so, benefit from the early payers’ discount and sign up for your choice of duties.   It’s also a good time to catch up with old friends and make plans for the season to come.  Following that, comes the Annual Awards Dinner taking place this year in the Jubilee Hall at the East Grinstead Community Centre on Saturday 4 February.  A delicious menu is on offer to choose from and there will be music for dancing after all the awards have been presented.  The whole family is welcome to attend and it is always an entertaining evening for everyone.  You need to book your tickets and choose what you want to eat by 27 January via WebCollect.

Another must attend social event to go in your diary – The Hedgecourt Work Party.  This, not to be missed event, for which old clothes are the order of the day, will take place on Saturday 11 February from about 09.00 to 13.00.  It’s not all hard work - there will be bacon butties, cakes and biscuits and hot drinks to keep us all warm and full of energy.  Do come along – this is always a great event when we get lots of work done keeping our beautiful lakeside surroundings in good order, and it is good fun too.  No experience necessary – on the job training will be provided! 

Although our sailing season for 2017 hasn’t started, as you can see, there is plenty going on, and I hope to see you at one of our events in the very near future.


 P.S.  The annual Mariners’ Walk is scheduled for Sunday 12 March – always a popular event for members, their friends, relatives and dogs.  More information in February’s newsletter.

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