Cruising with Crawley Mariners Yacht Club

It's rare to find a lake based club with such an extensive cruising programme. At the beginning the club was quite nomadic. With no club storage, members had to keep their boats at home on trailers. This had the advantage that the boats could be easily be taken to sailing venues other than a home lake. Hence the club's sailing programme was developed to include cruising in Chichester and Langstone Harbours, from Hillhead in the Solent and visiting South Coast sailing clubs, to enjoy sea racing. This programme continues, even though the club now owns Hedgecourt Lake.

If you are interested in a non-stressful and leisurely day's cruising in Chichester Harbour or the Solent, with an opportunity to exchange sea-faring tales over a lunch break with like-minded sailors, then come and join in. If you don't have your own boat or a suitable boat please contact the Cruise Co-ordinator; we can generally fit you in somewhere.

Sea sailing is quite different from lake sailing and technically more demanding: it involves waves, tides, a bit of planning and the wind is generaly stronger though more stable.. well sometimes. Please click on the Safe and enjoyable cruising with CMYC. It sets out some guidlines and gives us a reminder......

How to book:

A reminder is sent out before each cruise. You phone or email me to book a place the Wednesday before, by 9pm. If you would like extra support; to crew for someone; someone to crew for you, let me know when you book. If you have booked on the cruise and it needs to be cancelled, you will be notified on the Friday before by 9pm.What you need:
If you are new to Cruising please take time to read Safe Cruising with CMYC

Donal Roche

Cruising Co-ordinator

Tel: 01444 241902 / 07818 403957